Doctorate in Diplomatic Relations

Doctorate in Diplomatic Relations



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A Ph.D. program in Diplomatic Relations aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the field of diplomacy and international relations. This program covers various topics related to diplomatic work, international relations, and international politics. The primary objectives of the Ph.D. program in Diplomatic Relations include:
Diplomatic Interaction: Understanding the historical evolution and development of diplomatic relations and how to analyze and comprehend them in the current global context.
International Law and Treaties: Studying international laws and agreements that impact international relations and their role in regulating diplomatic activities.
International Security and Conflicts: Understanding international security issues and international conflicts and how to address and resolve them.
Economic Diplomacy: Studying how economic factors influence diplomatic relations and how to enhance economic cooperation among countries.
Culture and Communication in Diplomacy: Understanding how cultural elements and communication methods are used to promote diplomatic relations.
Research and Analysis: Developing research and analytical skills to better understand international issues and conduct original research in the field of diplomatic relations.
The Ph.D. program in Diplomatic Relations also aims to prepare students for advanced roles in foreign policy and diplomacy, whether in government, international organizations, or academic research. This program often requires conducting specialized research and writing a doctoral dissertation that makes a significant contribution to the understanding of diplomatic relations and international relations.
Admission Requirements:
Applicants are required to hold a Master's degree.
Accreditation and Credits:
The program offers an internationally accredited certificate from the International College of Economics and Political Science, which is a member of the United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) with registration number 10065749. The certificate is also authenticated by the British Foreign Office and the student's embassy.

Topics of the study



  • sections: 13
  • Feature: Yes
  • Duration: 80 Hours
  • Category: PHD degree
  • Quizzes: No
  • Language: Arabic
  • Certificate: Yes

Course Syllabus

Research Methodology
Diplomatic Protocols
Nature of Maritime Transport Contracts
International Agreements for Combating Illegal Migration and Their International Consequences
Disputes in International Intellectual Property Rights
Terrorism as an International Crime and Countermeasures
Principle of State Responsibility
Peaceful Means of Resolving International Disputes
Principles Governing Diplomatic Representation and Diplomatic Functions
Public International Law
Arbitration in Aviation Law
Arbitration in Maritime Transport Contracts
Principles Governing Consular Representation and Consular Functions

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