Fellowship in Diplomatic and Political Relations

Fellowship in Diplomatic and Political Relations

USD 4000


The professional fellowship in Diplomatic and Political Relations is an advanced educational program designed to equip participants with knowledge and skills specific to the fields of diplomacy and political relations. This program encompasses the study of international and political issues, as well as the development of negotiation and relationship-building capabilities between nations and international organizations. The program typically has a duration of one year.
To apply for a professional fellowship, having a doctoral degree is typically required.
International Certificates and Accreditations:
An internationally accredited certificate from the International College of Economics and Political Science, which is a member of the United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) with registration number 10065749 and is attested by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the embassy of the student.



  • sections: 0
  • Feature: Yes
  • Duration: 80 Hours
  • Category: Associate degree
  • Quizzes: No
  • Language: Arabic
  • Certificate: Yes

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