Strategic management training program

Strategic management training program

USD 250


The training program for strategic management is an initiative developed by leading management experts in Egypt and the Arab world. The program aims to enhance the understanding of the importance of strategic business management among learners and provide them with the skills and tools necessary to formulate and execute successful strategies.
The program covers diverse topics, including business strategy development, change management, the concept of leadership, the traits of a successful leader, and how to evaluate strategic performance. Through this program, learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to achieve organizational excellence and contribute to the success of institutions through effective strategies.
To apply for a program, it is required to have an above-average or higher academic qualification
International Certificates and Accreditations:
A certificate accredited by Cairo University certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
A certificate accredited by Equity College in England.
Membership card in the Entrepreneurs Association at the Gate Training Foundation with the title of Business Administration Consultant
An accredited certificate from the Gate Training Foundation
An accredited certificate from the International Foundation for Training and Management Consultations with the completion of the diploma.

Topics of the study



  • sections: 3
  • Feature: Yes
  • Duration: 11 Hours
  • Category: Diplomas and Professional Programs
  • Quizzes: No
  • Language: Arabic
  • Certificate: Yes

Course Syllabus

Vision, mission, values ​​and goals
The importance of strategic business management
Strategy formulation
Strategy implementation
Decision making steps
Decision making and problem solving
The difference between leadership and management
Leader qualities and leadership styles
Driving skills
solving problems

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