MBA Fellowship

MBA Fellowship

USD 4000


A Fellowship in Business Administration is an advanced educational program that allows professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of business management. Fellowship programs are a common choice for those who aim to achieve a higher level of expertise and practical experience in business management. These programs often include specialized and applied studies in a variety of business management areas.
To apply for the diploma program, a high academic qualification (bachelor's or equivalent) is required
International Certificates and Accreditations:
An internationally accredited certificate from the International College of Economics and Political Science, which is a member of the United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) with registration number 10065749 and is attested by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the embassy of the student.



  • sections: 0
  • Feature: Yes
  • Duration: 80 Hours
  • Category: Associate degree
  • Quizzes: No
  • Language: Arabic
  • Certificate: Yes

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