Diplomacy, Political and International Relations


You can join the Diplomatic Corps and obtain the first master in Diplomatic and Political Relations and International Disputes with an accredited certificate. The program includes several axes taught by one of the pioneers of this specialization, either academically or from the largest universities in Egypt or from the most famous cadres of the state or political figures.

The covered subjects:

First: International Organizations:

  • International organizations as a legal entity
  • Legal status of international organizations
  • In-depth study of some international and regional organizations

Second: International Public Law:

  • Historical development of international law.
  • Mandatory and international law and its sources.

Third: Consular Diplomatic Law:

  • Sources and Definition of Diplomatic Law.
  • General Principles of Diplomatic Law.
  • Diplomatic immunities and privileges.

Fourth: International conventions:

  • The concept of international humanitarian law.
  • Persons covered by criminal protection in armed conflict.

Fifth: Dispute Resolution and International Issues:

  • International Tribunals.
  • Arbitration in international disputes.

Sixth: The ethics and rules of social and diplomatic behavior.

  • Ethics of Social Relations.
  • Overview of diplomatic work.
  • Protocol of banqueting and partying.
  • Flag raising ceremony.

The obtained documents:

  • Certificate approved by the Council of Economic Unity of the League of Arab States certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Certified certificate from AYMI.
  • Certified certificate by the International Arbitration Authority and IMCT Group.
  • certificate accredited by the Human Rights Committee of the Bar Association.
  • Membership of the Human Rights Committee of the Bar Association, Arbitration Chamber of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • 2 Membership cards accredited by the International Arbitration Commission

There will be certification and graduation ceremony .

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