Human Resources management


Human Resource Management is a subdiscipline of Business & Management studies. HRM is an essential part of any business and deals with recruiting the right people for the right positions, as well as managing and offering guidance for employees during their stay in a company. As a future Human Resource Manager, it will be your job to make sure that the people you hire stay happy, motivated, continue to develop and advance professionally in the roles that fit them.

Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Human Resource Management include theories and practices related to hiring processes, administrative services, performance management, staff administration, and training.

The covered subjects:

  •  Basic Overviews of Human Resource Management. 
  • Getting the Best Employees. 
  • Paying Employees (and providing benefits). 
  • Training Employees 
  • Ensuring Compliance to Regulations. 
  • Ensuring Safe Work Environment. 
  • Sustaining High-Performing Employees. 
  • General Resources. 
  • Brief Overview of Human Resource Management. 

There will be certification and graduation ceremony.

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